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The beauty of this selection of yarn bases is that they can all be used together allowing one a large variety of colour and texture combinations. 100% Superwash Singles can be used very effectively with 90% Superwash and 10% Linen Singles. 90% Merino and 10% Linen Singles can be held double to achieve a Worsted weight...the combinations are plentiful!

The Merino and Linen combined in the yarn base give rise to a wonderfully soft, silky fabric which has a fine sheen or lustre, together with a gentle drape. It also creates a slightly rustic texture.

The current palette of Sweet Skeins yarns is strongly inspired by Nature and the subtle, nuanced colour schemes we see around us as the seasons continually change.


Some soft and gentle neutrals are available, along with brighter hues,enabling your creation of natural and ongoing classically wearable pieces.