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Sustainable. Beautiful. Ethical.

hand dyed with love


Ethically Made

Our yarns are sourced from South African mills situated in the Eastern Cape. These mills have their own sustainability protocols in place and provide employment to the local communities in the areas. South African merino wool is mulesing-free and produced to high animal welfare standards. Mulesing free wool may be and often is, more expensive but is far kinder and more sheep friendly than its counterpart.


New Arrivals


Select your yarns

Sweet Skeins produces small batches of hand-dyed and painted yarns. Some of our colourways will be repeated in future shop updates. Please be advised though that colourways will vary from one batch to another and skeins within a batch will of their very nature differ from one another.This is of course, the beauty of hand dyed yarn.Thus please ensure that you purchase enough yarn to complete your project.

Alternating skeins within your work is advised to achieve an even  colour distribution.Colours of deeper saturations may give off a dye residue known as crocking.It is not uncommon in hand dyeing and it should be limited in it's duration.Whilst every attempt is made to ensure accurate colour representation,screen settings may result in the actual yarn appearing differently to the image on your device.

Very excited 🤩 I’ll be making the #crojoscarf with this gorgeous yarn from @sweetskeins in Jade…
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